Feature Story - Robert Clark

Robert Clark is an American Indian of the Bird Clan Southeastern Band of Cherokee and he stands for justice and for peace. He first came in 2008 to the Wellness and Advocacy Center art room showing a strong interest in art. He had not yet discovered his own style in art practice also he was struggling to find a vision as an individual.  At the time, he was living in a group home.

He popped back in at our new location, just in time for our big exhibition “recovart” at the Finley Community Center.  He was dressed in vibrant colors which reflected his new style of paintings.  He had also moved out of the group home and into an apartment.  He seemed new and improved.  The paintings he presented gave me an immediate big smile.  He feels that he has a hard time communicating so he wants his art to communicate.  His art was speaking to me in a new way unlike his earlier works.  He had discovered his style and his choice of materials. He is comfortable with larger size paintings with bright neon colors, spray paint, and stencil dancing with brush strokes wrapping around his characters.  One can notice his strong inspiration from Pablo Picasso and Jean Basquiat.  Robert looks at other artists and often times uses their work as a springboard for his experimentation.  He became the featured artist for that show.  His art was highlighted on our invitation card in color.  He ended up selling five art works. 

Robert’s paintings employ cartoons, geometric designs, abstract expressions, and neon colors in a way that is new, exciting and his own. Robert’s imagery is related to Eurocentric painting traditions but his style is primitive and uses symbols reminiscent to Native American petroglyphs, a reference to his heritage. This year he is having his solo exhibition at the Santa Rosa City Hall on view starting from October 9th, until November 20th 2019.  Reception will be held Friday October 11, 5-7pm.  Call 707-543-3010 for viewing info.  The city hall is a large space and requires bold strong, large, works which would be quite challenging to some artist, but this does not faze Robert.  He has a zany daring and provocative style in which he is experimenting and although he is a beginner – he is drawing on 20th century art moving forward with it in the 21st century.


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